Helios one of the leading producers and distributors of Generic & Ethical Pharmaceutical products is among the fastest growing industries in state of Gujarat.
The different activities of the Group Companies include manufacturing of Bidies and Food Spices with a turnover exceeding 6000 Million Indian Rupees.
Our Company is dedicated to empower and sustain life and to provide a healing touch to all human suffering to keep in line with the connotation of the word HELIOS (which means SUN-GOD in Greek)

Contract Manufacturing

Helios is also engaged in Contract Manufacturing in Pharma Segment with state of the art quality standards. We provide complete range of Contract Manufacturing service with Cost competitiveness managed by our resources, automated and modern production process with efficiency. We have expertise in manufacturing of Tablets, Capsules, Ointments and Powders with flexible terms of service with our esteemed clients. We will shortly confirming Schedule M and WHO-GMP standards and the same will be upgraded to US-FDA norms in short future. We take pleasure to manufacture products on third party basis for reputed pharmaceutical company to build healthy and long term relationship which will mutually beneficial.

Human Resource & Development

Our greatest asset is our dedicated work-force. The positive attitude, the powerful motivation, the total dedication and the untiring perseverance of the people makes our organisation a unique organization. In our organisation we are all partners committed to a goal. We are all karma yogis (Work Lovers). We implicitly believe in the human value over economics, principles over profit, values over wealth and above all quality over quantity.

We are democratic in every way and we believe in management by commitment rather than management by control. In this area of HRD, we understand GMP as Good Motivated People and it is this which will lead us to the next millennium. Our collective wealth of experience, our pool of personnel with high managerial and technical competence in the fields of production, formulation development, our strong standards of quality control and skilled marketing and sales, ethical finance and account system… all augurs well for our future.

Quality Assurance

These are the basic tenets of our Quality Assurance Department. To ensure Total Quality Management [TQM], the Quality Assurance Department is autonomous in its functioning.

  • "There is always a better way … the challenge is to find it"
  • "Good does not suffice when one can devise better ways"
  • "Strive for the BEST"

Our Company is ISO 9001:2000 certified. We are also in process of renewing our WHO Certificate which is expected to be received soon. The immensely precise and accurate instruments have helped us to achieve our goal of zero defects.

Good Health is the Life's Greatest Blessings
Helios Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to Good Health since 1985.